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I am sure that if anyone actually reads this blog, they might be thinking- “why all the activity lately?” No, it is NOT because I have excess time lately…I wish it was. But I am trying to make more of an effort to do the things that I love, and for me, it is so easy to get into a rut. Since it is actually my JOB to be creative (as a photographer and graphic artist), it is easy to neglect creating for myself. Making time to learn new things and challenge yourself beyond your regular day-to-day is where I want to be everyday. No matter how busy I get, I want to make sure that I am still learning, growing, and challenging myself as a creative individual. I created this blog as documentation to keep taking care of myself, and to keep growing as a better person.



-Knitting…with needles. (I crochet already, and I just taught myself to knit on a loom…ready to learn grandma style)

-Making my house a home. I am trying to revamp my house room by room to create an organised & inspiring space that I am proud of.

-Take more pictures…of my life. I know, sounds stupid- but we barely ever take photos in our everyday life.

-DeClutter. I am a hoarder, I know it…time to let it go and be more selective about the “stuff” I keep.

-Grow my own food. Last year I was so overwhelmed with my garden that I completely jumped ship. This year, I want to yield and use more efficiently.

-Blog more! Going months without writing makes me a sad person…and sad people are lame.

I am sure there is more, but I think this is a good start…

The Glitter Bunny Make Over


What’s that you say, your thrift bunny planter is scaring you? Me too! So the logical solution (to me) seems to cover it with glitter! Holy smokes, they even make glitter spray paint to make your job even easier.


I know it is hard to resist those dead eyes of the previous bunny, but I couldn’t live another day with him…time for a change. I didn’t know that I was such a Rust-oleum advocate, believe it or not- but these cans were all purchased on different days! Ha.


I should have done a step by step with the primer, but I didn’t…sorry.

Transform GlitterBunny-102

I just love my finished bunny planter! I bought this adorable little plant (not sure what it is called) for $6 to plant in him. P.S. if you are a plant neglector, like me, I have a little version of the same plant in the window sill of my home office that I water like once every two months, and it has had blooms on it since summer!

Now that you have invested in 4 cans of paint, it seems obvious to glitter bomb makeover everything you own. Obvi.

Aromatherapy Bath


My favorite part of my house is my soaker tub. I am obsessed, which is why this isn’t my first post about bath products and it certainly will not be my last! I am somewhat of a bath product whore, of sorts.

Ever since Matt and I have been “trying”, I have been trying to treat my body, uh, less like crap. In doing so- finding natural cures for energy, headaches, and sickness is constantly on my radar. After this nasty winter we have had in Idaho, it is followed with rainy awfulness. Everyone I know is getting sick…

Since I am known for some seasonal allergies around this time, a sniffly nose has me wondering which is which. Regardless- I was looking for an aromatherapy bath that might help my congestion and was pleasantly surprised to find this little gem at my local Walmart! (If anyone feels like sending me a check for the plug, shoot me an email)

It is called: Village Natural Therapy- Cold & Allergy Relief, Foaming Bath Oil & Body Wash. (Whew! Long. And why do I always try to spell it “villiage”? Dumb dumb.)

Anyways- it sort of has a Vicks-y smell when you are using it, but surprisingly the after smell is more Lavender-y! I feel like mixed with the steam, it helps clear my sinuses and also moisturizes dry winter skin (and the bubbles last a long time!) I am a fan.

TIP:::: Since I hate putting on body lotion (friggin HATE it!) I started rubbing down with baby oil before exiting the bath, and it works awesome.

Make it: Gourmet Rice Krispie Wands


Hello! I know it has been awhile since I have made any posts worth while- but I promise, I have been doing crafty things all the time…and I should have lots of good “tutes” to blog here soon.

Today we are making Gourmet Rice Krispie Wands that I made for a baby shower. They are so simple, it doesn’t require a whole lot of skill, probably doesn’t really even require a step-by-step, but whatev.

Stuff you need:
Paper Straws
Cello bags & String (if you would like to package)

Follow your favorite Rice Krispie Treat Recipe, mine is:
1/4 cup butter
4 cups miniature marshmallows
5 cups crisp rice cereal

1. Melt margarine in large sauce pan over low heat.
2. Add marshmallows and stir until melted and well-blended. Cook 2 minutes longer, stirring constantly. Remove from heat.
Add cereal. Stir until well coated.
3. Using buttered spatula or waxed paper, press mixture evenly and firmly in a large shallow buttered cookie sheet.




When cool, tip pan upside down on a large cutting board and chop into 1.5 x 1.5 cubes.


Take your straw and stab through two krispie cubes (sometimes the straw will collapse, it is good to have extra straws and hold firmly at the base when stabbing to keep the straw from bending)


Once you have all of your wands stabbed, set them all up on a cookie sheet standing upward with plenty of space to move them around as you are pouring your toppings.



Time to mix your topping! When I did mine, I did- Butterscotch, and then White Chocolate in two different colors. I am sure you all have a “better way” to heat chocolate, but I just did it in the good ol’ microwave! Take your chocolate chips and put in a microwave safe bowl. Depending on your microwave settings- you will need to watch it and make sure it doesn’t scorch. I added a little bit of creamer to make it nice and runny (not too much since you want it to set up hard, but enough that you are able to drizzle nicely). Add color if you would like with food coloring.


Once you have a nice melted consistency, you can take a kitchen spoon and drizzle the chocolate on the treats. If you need to pick them up by the straw so you can turn them on their side and have more control where you drizzle…

if you are messy and get it on your table (like me) make sure to wipe it up right away to avoid staining the surface if you have food coloring involved.




For an added touch, you can print some little tags for an extra special detail. If you choose not to package each one, they also look cute laid out on a platter.




Our First Wedding Anniversary Home Video

Guhhh, who is this person?

I think it is fair to say that winter has gotten the best of me. I am so tired of being cold and tired. I feel like I consistently have zero energy and if I am not working, I can’t bring myself to do anything besides watching Son’s of Anarchy on Netflix and cuddle in a blanket on the couch. Who is this person? Apparently, me, in the winter. Last year, I spent most of the winter in the Caribbean, so I know that no one is feeling sorry for me this year…





Our 3 Christmases

Oh my goodness, look at me- blogging something the day after it happened! *back pat*. Matt and I had a great Christmas yesterday with our families. We started off with gifts with my mom and sister, Carley at our house, and then had Matt’s brother’s family- Aaron, Hailey, Jaycee, & Mason come over for a delicious gourmet eggs benedict brunch to die for!

I guess as I am getting older, I am really appreciating these memories more and more and I want to make it part of my New Year to make a better effort of recording these. I am so lucky that I get to have 2 sets of grandparents, both that I am really close with- and that I have a new family that I married into that is, luckily, amazing!

Not long ago, Matt was given some home movies of when he was little and we have started watching them together. His mother passed of breast cancer when he was little and I am so sad that I don’t really get to know much about that part of him since I never got to meet her. Seeing these old tapes when he gets to hear his mom’s laugh, and make jokes about her shiny Christmas sweater- I feel so incredibly lucky that we have those little pieces to share with each other, and it brings up stories and memories of her that maybe Matt wouldn’t have remembered to share with me. My husband always rolls his eyes about the recordings “of nothing” that my father in law was documenting at these life events- but I have to say, we are so blessed to have every single second (or hour) that Matt gets to hear his mom’s laugh again.

In my own family, I realize that maybe I will be “that guy” that crammed all 800 family members into Grandma’s tiny living room for a (recreated) family photo, or maybe one day I will be taking video of “nothing”…but maybe it will bring up a story of a memory we had- or when we have children, I can say- “one day, we all could fit in this living room”. And I can share with them how incredible my grandparents still look, and how special they are to me. Roll your eyes as you wish…someone has to be that guy, and I am happy to do it. (because I am so grateful for the other people who thought it was important…you know who you are.

Here are our 3 Christmases- Breakfast at our house, Lunch at the Binghams, and Dinner at the Rowleys—we love you all so much!




























Cascade with the Christophers


On a bloggin roll y’all! Waiting for some work photos to export- so figured I would get a little caught up on blogging since my husband says he never gets to see our pictures…so here we go! All caught up til Christmas…ha.
Last weekend we got to take a little mini-trip with a couple of our favorite people- Chris and Stacey Christopher. We went up to my grandparents little cabin in Cascade and has a nice relaxing time eating, laying around, and whooping ass at hand and foot. It was a close call, after 3 games- the boys barely won…barely. AND WE DECLARE A REMATCH- YOU HEAR!?

It was nice to see some snow on the ground (it is beautiful up there right now) but we were a little disappointed that our fave Salmon River Brewery in McCall was closed for the weekend (apparently they are moving to a new location?) since we were looking forward to a hot BBQ’d pretzel (de-friggin-lish) and Chris was looking forward to eating a spicy wiener… next time, next time. I also got to visit the BEAUTIFUL Tamarack Resort in Donnelly for the first time- I had heard stories, but I am absolutely shocked to see it in person. What a huge waste- NOTHING is open for visitors and it looked like a ghost town. It is absolutely beautiful up there and there are some AMAZING cabins as you drive further in, I hope that someone can breathe some life into that place soon because it is an absolute tragedy that a place that amazing is sitting like it is.

All in all- such a fun trip, I feel so blessed to have such fantastic friends.

2013-Cascade-103 2013-Cascade-105 2013-Cascade-108 2013-Cascade-109 2013-Cascade-111 2013-Cascade-112

Thanksgiving & Mason Jar Snow Globes


This Thanksgiving, we were lucky enough to have Matt’s parents come from Washington to share the holiday with us. Since we have the space (past years living in the smallest of apartments or some guy’s basement) we offered to do Thanksgiving dinner at our house! I cooked my first turkey (prepared by my mother…I couldn’t touch it- it looks like a slimy baby- and I was horrified by the “fun” insides she left in my sink…no thank you.

I did have the bright idea to make mason jar snow globes as a craft to do with the kids while we waited for the turkey…and although they didn’t turn out the way I had thought- we had a blast making them and the end result was still pretty cute.



Jars with a tight screw lid (I recommend getting shorter ones that have a wide mouth. Ours were a little to tall and skinny for our goodies and photos

Hot Glue

Fun stuff to go inside we got little Trees and decorated them, I also printed and laminated some photos for us to use.

Glitter This is your “snow”

Washi Tape &/or String/Ribbon to decorate the outside

Water I know some of the tutorials do water-free…we just went for it!

Directions….as well as I can give them: Glue all of the decorations/photos that you would like to use to the inside of the LID (do not glue to the inside glass unless you arent using water, as soon as we put water in ours- everything glued to the glass popped off immediately and started floating…wah wah. I decided to just glue my picture to the outside of the jar after the fact because the picture I chose was too short to be seen in the jar. Once you are all decorated, add your glitter (a little goes a long way) and screw your lid on tight! Tie with your washi tape or string if you wish- but probably do this after you add water since you might get a little on the outside of the jar.



We had a great day all in all, and I am so blessed to have such wonderful in-laws to share these Holidays with. Love you guys: Hal, Jenny, Aaron, Hailey, Mason & Jaycee! Mandi, Drew, Triniti, Dane, Kendra, Greg & Gavin—we miss you guys like crazy and can’twait for the next time we can all be together!


Thanksgiving-blog-102 Thanksgiving-blog-103 Thanksgiving-blog-104 Thanksgiving-blog-105 Thanksgiving-blog-106 Thanksgiving-blog-107 Thanksgiving-blog-108 Thanksgiving-blog-109 Thanksgiving-blog-110 Thanksgiving-blog-111 Thanksgiving-blog-112 Thanksgiving-blog-113 Thanksgiving-blog-114 Thanksgiving-blog-115 Thanksgiving-blog-116 Thanksgiving-blog-117 Thanksgiving-blog-118 Thanksgiving-blog-119 Thanksgiving-blog-120 Thanksgiving-blog-121 Thanksgiving-blog-122 Thanksgiving-blog-123 Thanksgiving-blog-124 Thanksgiving-blog-125 Thanksgiving-blog-126 Thanksgiving-blog-127

Our One Year Anniversary



Its hard for me to believe how quickly our first year of marriage has gone by! Seems like only yesterday that I was stressing about completing wedding crafts and we were just breaking in our new home…and now here we are- a whole year later and it seems like barely any time has passed. I am so sorry, I have been the absolute worst about posting in my personal blog. When you are busy with a career- anything that you like to do, can wait. And since I have been so slammed with the new store,  I can hardly keep my thoughts straight- any downtime of mine has been spent zoning into mindless television shows like Snooki & JWow…its really all I can handle these days as far as complex thoughts outside of work. I decided that it is about time I get caught up since these really are my memories, and I can already barely remember them.

For Mr. Schoener and anniversary numero uno (4 years together!) we went up to the gorgeous city of McCall and stayed in this amazing cabin we reserved on the golf course in town. At first, we did’t know what to do with such a big space and just the two of us, but we shortly filled it with some great conversation, some stand-up comedy on HBO (if you haven’t seen Jay Mohr- watch it, I was crying…), and some much-needed time together. Although we already get to see each other day to day, I never want to forget how spectacular a man my husband is. Someone who can deal with my stress-filled busy life and is still my biggest fan. Someone who makes me feel beautiful on the bad hair days and genuinely loves me as much as I love him…which is more than I thought I could love anyone. The best man…and he is all mine!

We spent the weekend taking photos and video of our leisurely trip…I am seriously the worst- here we go, flashback to September!
















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