Hello world!

Ewe, the first post. I guess you can say that I am absolutely horrible about this kind of stuff…. content under pressure has never really been a strong attribute of mine. I already wrote my “about” section, so I don’t want to be redundant. SO I will post some stuff “we” like as a couple, just to get the ball rollin’!

a. Travelling—anywhere! any place! anytime! Matt and I have made it a priority to take mini vaycay’s whenever we get the chance. Whether it just be around Idaho, or getting on a jet plane. We just got back from Oahu—(I will post pictures soon!) it was uh-mazing. Beautiful weather, all day, every day. Not sure where we will go next?

d. Words with Friends— seriously, this is a little sick obsession we both have. The game is Scrabble that you are able to play with other friends who also have the app or play via Facebook. We will literally be sitting next to each other on the couch or in bed with our smartphones…”play me” hahah! Even when I was in Hawaii, we stayed fresh on our games. Up to play?   Usernames::::   Me: Nshooty    Him: BoneBug

c. Modern Family— who doesn’t love this show? If you don’t watch it, you MUST. We love Phil most. (-:

d. Cuddling— no, we aren’t “cat people”…we like cats, but we also like a fur-free home, I shed enough for everyone! This is just a good example of cuddling. But we do like to get in a good snug-fest now and then— well, all the time really…

e. Up All Night— new show on ABC (I think) and absolutely awesome. It reminds me of how we might be when we have kids. I love how it brings up all of the stuff you think you would have figured out when you have a baby. Plus, Christina Applegate is my doppelgänger… I really hope I look that hot in 10 years.

f. Beer— Matt drinks it more than I do (wine most the time), but I am a sucker for a cold frosty every now and again. We love wheat beers, ambers, pale ales, and Dos Equis amber is our muy favorito!! That’s probably the worst Spanglish example ever. But- MUST go to On the Border restaurant for Dos Equis amber in a frosty goblet- truly the best thing ever with chips and salsa! I introduced Matt to that one….although we certainly can’t say there isn’t always Coors light in the house.

Not too bad for my first post….


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