My First Sewing Machine…featuring an explosion by Matt.

SO yesterday I bought a sewing machine. I went to JoAnn Fabrics for a totally different reason and ended up walking out with with an expensive piece of machinery that I am only semi-equipped with the knowledge it requires to run. I have been thinking about buying a sewing machine for awhile- it wasn’t COMPLETE impulse buy, but now I have to sew everyone’s Christmas presents as a justification for the purchase. I truly justify it because I am going to have a LOT of work to do on my own with this DIY wedding I get to plan this year…..right?

So, my very first project to tackle: I decided that I wanted to make this ubber-cute felt garland via The Purl Bee that I Pinterest-ed awhile back. I need it for a photo shoot and I then I figure I can reuse it as a Christmas decoration.

Well, I wanted to follow the directions EXACTLY (as much as I capably can) in order to make it as cute as it is in the pictures on their site. It says to sew the sections together- so I took my new sewing machine and managed to do this and worse to my darling garland:

you won’t be able to tell from far away…

At this point, I am seriously considering hot glue! But with a little more practice:

not so bad? There might be hope for me yet! So, fifty plus feet of garland later:

and I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself. This is actually a super easy garland recipe if you want a cute Christmas or party decoration. Just click on that link up above and it will take you to the site with the step-by-steps. I will let you now how my shoots that I am using it for turn out. I am really excited to see it all together!

Alright, changing the subject- today I went to Fred Meyer for some groceries, and came across some fabulous new tea flavors for the holidays. Since I am hoping to fit into a wedding dress this year, I have been a sucker for the “calorie-free” in life. So, let’s just say I am a HUGE tea junkie! I picked up a couple:

I am sipping on a cup of the “Eggnogg’n” right now—totally unsweetened and DELICIOUS! I am yet to try the Pumpkin Spice- but I am sure it will be as yummy as it sounds. Seriously, to all the dieters out there—tea and coffee is the BEST tool for curbing appetite.

You have got to have a big, giant, microwaveable mug…or six. For coffee, I can handle a normal mug—tea needs a big, belly-warming, cuddle mug. (-:

Okay, so speaking of tea…I am sure you guys are wondering what the “explosion” I mentioned in the title of this post is referring to-

Well, my sweet, amazing, and not-kitchen-challenged-at-all fiance turned on the oven to heat up my water kettle so I could make tea. He accidentally turned on the wrong burner, the one that had a glass, baking sheet on top of it from the chicken I cooked for dinner.

Long story short-

Matt: “It smells like something’s burning”

Me: “Hmm” —I get up from the couch to check on the kettle…

As I am walking to the kitchen—- KABLAAM!!!  And glass flies up and hits the ceiling and shatters into a kazillion pieces all over the place!

The aftermath:

yes, the black marks on the floor is where the glass burnt through the linoleum.


I love you honey.


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