Colored Wedding Dress? Yay or Nay?

So I keep going back on forth about my thoughts on colored wedding dresses. I actually really love the idea- but some people seem to have really strong feelings against it. I have had a beautifully simple, silk chiffon, aqua-colored dress pinned for awhile, and I have been seriously considering it for my own. Then when we went to Oahu for the Simply Bloom photography workshop, our model was dressed in a gown the exact same color.

Loving this coral one too:

And—love love love….lacey gorgeousness (love this whole look- if only I was taller…):

I am definitely not concerned with being traditional, just still wanting to feel “bridal” I guess…



9 thoughts on “Colored Wedding Dress? Yay or Nay?

    • Have you seen the ’80s wedding dresses? Big poofy sleeves, LOTS of lace, and don’t forget the shiny (awful) satin. NOT TIMELESS!

      Picking a dress is not just about how it looks on your body. Although the dress is of grand importance, the execution of the dress weighs heavier than any amount of fabric you could drape on your body. When you finally choose which one you will don down the aisle, you are changing its entire function. No matter what you wear, YOU are timeless.

      You could pull off a colored wedding dress!

  1. The tradition of a white wedding dress is somewhat new–in the early 1900’s and before brides wore their best dress–not necessarily a white one. So I say you should wear what you want–but I guess you have to be prepared for others who are less informed to protest. By the way, diamonds in wedding sets are also a newer thing–they came to past just around WWII, and were marketed to veterans returning from the war who happened to have quite a bit of disposable cash right then. Isn’t it funny how we all get wrapped up in what we think is “important” tradition (the diamond thing is all about money for the diamond companies in South Africa…)

  2. I LOVE the coral one- so you too. Not too sure about the color on the lace one— that’s a dress I think I would like better in white. Who cares what you’ll think in 50 years! Do what’s YOU…. NOW. Timeless- Shmimeless is what I always say…. well maybe not always, but I’m going to start.

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