Happy Black Friday Everyone…

So I hope that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving yesterday. We did. (-:

My Thanksgiving outfit photographed a little more “lesbian-esque” than it looked in person…

We had “dinner” (supposedly it is dinner, although we ate at 1:00…) with my mom’s gigantor family- we are talking aunts, great aunts, cousins, everyone—-family reunion style. It is always great to see everyone, and it is amazing how much people change when you don’t get to see each other very often. Then we went over to the Rowley side of the family where my cousin Jamie hosted at his beautiful home—and a great, big, fat kudos to his wife, Heather, for all that she did to put together a beautiful meal. (-;  She was even all Martha Stewart about it with her mini chalkboard signs to label all the dishes—I wish I brought my camera- but as you can see from the amazing quality photo above…iphone photography, baby!

This morning I had one mission for Black Friday shopping: Anthropologie. I swung by Mrs. Wilson’s home at 5:45am, quick run to Starbucks, and off to Anthro we go we go!!! Collaboratively, we filled two ginormous shopping bags and I officially only have one person on my Christmas list left to shop for!!

I promise, only half of what I bought was for me….proud?

The only thing that I bought from Anthropologie that wasn’t on sale:

My very first piece of “s” paraphernalia…don’t worry, it was only $8 (I know, I am a thrifty kid). It is pretty exciting for me-tiptoeing to adopting the name “Schoener” as my own. And it goes perfectly with my homemade garland and my new cupcake ornament that my Aunt Mitzi gave us at Thanksgiving…. I had to get it.

Speaking of holidays in the Schoener household- Matt and I are talking about new traditions that we would like to start in our little family for the holidays. You know- those things you always did with your family and have no idea why? We want to be creative in coming up with our own traditions to celebrate with our future rugrats.

What are some traditions that you have heard of or practice with your own family?


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