DIY: How to Make Felt Poms

So here is a fun little step by step on how to make the “cotton candy” poms that I used in my circus photoshoot. I used the same technique to cover old christmas ball ornaments for the trees. So much fun, super quick. I would estimate about 2-8×12 sheets of felt, and a whole ton of hot glue sticks!!

cut your felt length wise into approximately 1″ strips

Twist, the strips and glue as you go. There is no rhyme or reason to this, just let it pucker here and there until you like the way it looks. I just covered top to bottom in a snake-like motion until the whole ball is covered.

One the ball is covered- just shove the dowel centered into the foam ball.

These look so cute in all sorts of colors, alone, or in a bouquet!! Make em.


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