Oh my gosh, I am already horrible at this!

So I figure that I should probably write a post, since it has been awhile and I guess it is safe to say that I am already horrible at this. I ran into a bit of a dead end with my wedding planning…well, hopefully it is just more of an obstacle than a real “dead end.” But I found the perfect wedding venue and I am absolutely heartbroken because they only book 6 months in advance to your date…no exceptions. So at the 6 month mark of the wedding date I want, I have to call at midnight the day before and pray that I dont have to fight another couple for it. It is absolutely sick and cruel and really discouraging with this process. Being a wedding photographer myself, we are already booking out for the summer and fall of this year…rapidly. So my odds are slim to none. Upsetting. If anyone knows of any rad, cheap venues in the Boise area with indoor and outdoor capabilities, let me know. Something bare-bones and somewhat classic or rustic is ideal.

To get my mind off of the crap I can’t control, I decide to focus on the stuff I can. So I got all of my fabric for my little flower girl dresses so I can start sewing them. Already jacked the first one up pretty bad- so I guess I need a break on that too. All of this happened before Christmas, which has lead to my wedding planning coming to a screeching halt. At this point, I am so confused about what I want and I feel like I have no control over anything! I feel like I need to call up my bride clients and have a good ol fashioned “cry fest” or something like that. Because this is STRESSFUL.

Okay, now for the other reasons I can’t focus on my wedding—-work! We have some really awesome, amazing, rad, and all-around fabulous things happening in the Studios de &. We have decided to branch out with the Stationery part of our business and we are launching a sister company called “Dear Ampersand” which will be solely the stationery part of our business, which “Ampersand Studios” will remain the photography side. Along with that is a fantastical new website that will have capabilities for people to order their invitations and other paper goods ONLINE. Sweet right? I think so too. Anyways, the site is scheduled to launch by the Wedding Party Show a week from tomorrow. What does that mean? A whole heck of a lot of work over here.

But in my “spare time” I shoot “bad guys” with my new dart gun…



2 thoughts on “Oh my gosh, I am already horrible at this!

  1. I can totally commiserate! I had the same problem with feeling really overwhelmed and constantly losing focus on what I wanted. There are a million little decisions to make and I just wanted to curl up in a ball and have someone else make them for me :) I wish that I had some ideas on a venue but we didn’t really do much searching for one.
    I KNOW for a fact that anything that you do will turn out amazing…because that’s just who you are! I’ll always listen for a cry fest too!

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