Wedding Colors & Guest Lists

The colors:

So I have finally chosen real “colors” for the wedding. It was sort of a backwards process, first with thinking I wanted a wedding dress in “dusty shale” and from then, realizing all of the colors that I feel have naturally made their way into this crazy theme of mine. So I just started buying fabric patterns that I loved and I likes the way the patterns looked together, from there- I took little fabric swatches and matched them to paint chips at Home Depot. (Really, genius! They are free, and you can just cut them up and give them to everyone who needs exact colors to match) So here is what I got:

I know, I know, these colors make me look like a schizophrenic- but I promise, they look cute together in pattern form.

The more dominant colors are the “dusty shale blue”, coral, and cream- secondary yellow, with “pops” of red, orange, and green. The antique gold will play an underlined theme and sort of work as my “neutral” color.


The progress: we have actually started making things for the wedding, YAY! I feel like the more that gets done/bought, the clearer vision I have about everything. My dress, shoes, and accessories are bought, and now it is craft city. I have started sewing flowers and we collected most of the vases and platters from thrift stores. Lots to do!

Still no venue or date  )-:


The guest list: Who knew this would be so difficult? Who to invite, when does it stop? Believe it or not, my big, fat, Mormon family has a smaller count than the amount of people on Matt’s list! Yikes…that’s a lot of people.

Luckily, I have found a tool that has been helpful for this- has a guest list tool that helps you keep track of everyone’s addresses, RSVPs, and all that crap. Rad. They also have a budget tool that has been pretty nifty too.



3 thoughts on “Wedding Colors & Guest Lists

  1. Could you tell me what color at Home Depot best matched Dusty Shale? I want to paint some things to match our bridesmaids dresses! Thank you!!

    • I cut up my original swatch so I don’t know the color name or anything—(I know, dumb) but I do have a little paint sample they mixed for me- it is a 7.5oz Behr Medium Base UL204 Ax:2 D:25 L:76

      I don’t know if you can do anything with that- but that is what it says on the mixture label they printed and it is the perfect color.

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