Guilty Pleasures and a Yellow Identity Crisis

So, DIY decor is nearly impossible to envision without the perfect venue. As most of you know already, I have had a really difficult time booking the venue that I want, and after searching and searching, we have had barely any luck finding a close second. There really isn’t a whole lot that I can do at this point except to sit, wait, and work on all of the DIY decor that I am beginning to think I may be truly demented for thinking up. I keep having nightmares about all of the things I have no control of…control freak- yes, you never would have guessed would you?

Do any of you past DIY brides have any advice on how you were able to trust friends and family to set up your wedding the way you envisioned it? The problem is…I have a skewed vision.

Finding ways to deal with this stress have been challenging, I don’t feel like anything really helps. Over this last weekend I discovered an outlet- My Fair Wedding and Bridezillas are now on Netflix! You would think that it would stress me out more to watch that crap, but it is actually quite relieving that there are actually people worse-off that I am. And that it is really normal to feel the way that I do. Not saying that I am a Bridezilla or anything- but it is perfectly normal to worry, and in the end it usually works out alright…except those poor husbands that are married to those psychos on Bridezillas.

My fair wedding is a reality show where David Tutera, wedding planner, steps in 3 weeks before the wedding of these brides. He takes in all of their inspiration and helps them make sense of it. If they have elements that don’t fit in, he just changes them. All in all, he those these amazingly huge, hight-budget, weddings for these brides who are on super budgets and are digging their own tacky wedding graves… its pretty awesome. I just like it because I feel like the confused W.T. brides before he saves them. Haha.

Bridezillas is pretty self-explanatory…craaaaaazy bitches, tacky weddings, pure awesomeness. I like watching this show because it helps me put a perspective on things. No reason to freak out…these trashy brides did it- and their weddings look like the punishment. I don’t know how these girls have friends in the first place, let alone- bridesmaids that put up with that shit.



Now, the yellow in my wedding colors is having an identity crisis. I am having a really hard time finding my “perfect yellow” and although I have already bought fabrics that “match each other” my yellow has turned into something I don’t recognize…almost Easter Peep-y. Who is this person who chose this yellow!? It is totally not me, and I don’t know how it seduced me into choosing it. Now I have quite a few yards of fabric that I have no idea what to do with because Jo-Ann’s doesn’t carry the mustard yellow that I originally had my sights on! What to do? Nothing comes in mustard yellow, which I don’t understand because it is such a popular color….help me, Color Fairy!

Is this what I want?

What I currently have:

I think the top one certainly richens up the color palette…the one that I currently have is making the blue and coral look sort of “pastel-y”…




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