Wedding Arms, Buying a House, and Waking up Early…

I have been in a bit of a funk lately, and I am finally feeling a little more like myself. Wedding plans are on the back burner…we are getting close to being able to book our venue, which honestly- just gives me anxiety. SO once I get that solidified, not sure how its going from there.

My focus these days is “Wedding Arms”!! You see, although my entire body seems to be a bit of its own story, my arms have never been known for their slenderness. Since I will be wearing a strapless wedding gown, and hopefully taking engagement photos soon, I think it is time to start focusing on getting into shape. I have been waking up at 5:00am and heading to the gym for “Bodypump” which is a total body, muscle confusion, weight-lifting class…and, it ROCKS! I used to be a regular back in the day and you could bounce a quarter…well, you know what I mean. I have been to 3 classes this week and I plan on continuing until I am back to buff.

So decided to take a picture of my fat arm, so we have something to compare it to when my arms are cut.

Oh yes—my NEW FAVORITE LIPSTICK— Mac “So Chaud” is the perfect orangey-red matte I have been searching for. In love.

Now for other things…we have been really wanting to buy a house lately. Not sure if it is because all of our close friends are buying (brand-new, amazing, gorgeous) homes, or if I am just tired of my shitty apartment? I just think: “I would like to live somewhere where I am not worried about my patio furniture being stollen, or I would like to not hear my upstairs neighbor take a piss”…seriously! Matt is convinced the walls are closing in on us…and I think he is on to somethin.

Well, I really sympathize (I know, I probably say this a lot) with my clients who are trying to pay for a wedding and buy a house. It is incredibly stressful and feels like to have to sacrifice one of your children! Shitty house or shitty wedding? Or, on my paycheck—probably both…or none. I will stop my boo-hooing, but I am just really trying to be optimistic about our future–which I am so excited about!! No matter what kind of dump I live in, or white trash wedding I have—I still get to live with and marry the biggest blessing in my life. Which makes me the luckiest person in the world!

*sniff* *sniff* knock it off!!!  Gotta go to work.

Rowley. Out.


One thought on “Wedding Arms, Buying a House, and Waking up Early…

  1. I feel your pain and can tell you that it does pass and when the grind slows, you sit on your new front porch knowing that you own the dirt underneath your feet. Nothing finer than laying my hammock to play music in a realm not dictated by a landlord!

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