Okay, let’s get serious…

Good morning children!

So things are always crazy, so I will try and avoid talking about that today. Because it is CRUNCH TIME, literal crunches- that is. I really need to focus on getting fit for our wedding. Since we have gotten engaged, it has been in the back of my mind that I really need to get where I want to be physically- but with the holidays and wedding stress, I make every excuse in the book as to why I can eat whatever I want, and I am out of control! I weighed myself this morning (this is after 3 weeks of working out, mind you) and I am officially heavier than I have ever been in my life. Out of control. I think that my weightlifting without any really dieting focus is just helping my gain muscle mass underneath flab…great. Something has GOT to change.

I know I talked a little bit about this in my last post about wanting “wedding arms” well- that being: nothing but thin, muscular awesomeness coming from the top of my strapless gown. period. Think like: Cameron Diaz in “What Happens in Vegas” but not like: full blown Madonna…

ARMS ARMS ARMS!! The rest counts too, of course- but I feel like if I really focus on the way that part of my body looks- the rest will have to come with it.

So I am definitely feeling better after starting the 3x a week, strenuous Les Mills Body Pump at the gym. Although you can’t see a whole lot in my arms in particular- my body feels less “jiggly” which is awesome. But as I mentioned above- weight gain is certainly happening. I am sort of taking it one strep at a time- but now it is time to start implementing cardio and calorie counting- which, from knowing my own body- will be successful. It is just a matter of getting the ambition to stick with it. So I decided I needed to get to aids to help me with the dieting part because at this point, I feel like I have no self control. SO yesterday I went to Complete Nutrition  to hopefully, find some tools that would help me. So here is what I ended up with…$200 later:

The Herbal Cleanse is what I am staring with. It is a 10-day detoxification system to help me get all the crap out of my system and curb my caffeine addiction. It was recommended to me to start with a cleanse before you do any pill regimen because it gives your body a clean slate to accept what you are giving it. The cool thing about this stuff is that it comes in pill form that you take twice a day and you don’t have to go on a starvation diet to do it. He said just to keep doing what I am doing and to ease off on my caffeine intake. Simple enough. In the past- I tried another cleanse that I had to mix this orange flavored chalky hay powder into water and choke it down on an empty stomach 3 times a day. Then you had to eat this whole food diet that was near starvation. And honestly- I always gave up before the end of the cleanse because I was so disgusted and hungry. I started the herbal cleanse yesterday and it is really weird, but my body feels like toxins are being released- like when you are at the end of the flu or the day after a night of heavy drinking….weird to describe, but I feel like something is happening. No poop or anything yet…which I heard is a “thing” with cleansing…haha. But I also noticed last night that I was fuller faster with dinner, not sure if that is typical- but pretty awesome if that continues to happen.

Okay okay okay— I know I have been anti-protein shake for as long as I can remember! The reason being- because they are expensive, gross, and usually 400 calories a serving. I feel like they are directed towards body building men who want to gain weight, and I figure- I can just eat protein rich foods when I get home from the gym like eggs and cottage cheese etc. But…I got talked into the Smart Smoothie, and this is why: first off—it is 120 calories per scoop, which to me- is the maximum calories I would ever want to spend on breakfast when I am calorie counting because I get so hungry later in the day. Also, eating in the morning makes me STARVING all day long. Seriously, if I eat something for breakfast- I will be eating everything in site all day long, which was making me not want to eat breakfast- and when I am working out, I really SHOULD be. So this was sort of my way of getting out of eating breakfast, but still getting my morning nutrients after my workout. I got the vanilla kind- it is pretty good, I just mix a scoop into a shaker with 16oz of water. If you dont shake it good enough, you will get chunks- which make me want to puke, and the consistency is a little weird, but the flavor is good. Regardless- it was free with my purchase, so I am glad I tried it- and I like it so far.

So this is the reason that I went into the store in the first place–I knew they had a good fat burner Reveal Daytime and turns out- they had a full system that all went together which just made sense to me how everything worked together.

There is a Reveal Nighttime that makes it easier to go to sleep but helps your metabolism run through the night, and then the Tone which is a supplement that helps shrink fat cells- has fish oils and other oils that are good for you.

So there we are. Like I said, right now I am just on the 10-day cleanse and protein after workouts, and after the cleanse is done, I will start the Reveal system. I am hoping to sort of keep my blog up to date with what is happening with the whole system.

Oh and yes, I am also taking a multivitamin called: “Alive” which is my VERY FAVORITE. It is a little more expensive, but it has for nutrients that your body can absorb like whole foods. Also, it doesn’t make me feel like I am going to vomit after taking it on an empty stomach like every other multivitamin I have tried has. You can get these at any health food store or pharmacy. Its good stuff.

Okay, until next time—



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