Just a quick little “Hello”

I really should be taking off to work, well I should have done that about 2 hours ago, so what is another 15 minutes? I am feeling really excited, and scared (in a good way) about  all of the changes that are happening in my life. Frannie, Lindsey and I went to the PP of I or Professional Photographers of Idaho conference this last weekend, where we had some awesome speakers and great inspiration. In lieu of this, Frannie and I have thought about more ways that we can improve our business just a smidge. I feel like we are already doing so many great things and we are so close to being EVEN BETTER. I just love my job so much, it makes me really happy to find ways to love it even more. I am so blessed.

Speaking of being blessed:::: WE GOT OUR WEDDING VENUE!! Matt and I are so excited that we are able to really go full force into planning one of the best days of our lives. September 23, 2012 is the date, and although we ended settling for a Sunday- it ended up working better than I could have imagined. I am so excited to go full speed ahead into planning one super fabulous event. (-;

Now, it is a little difficult to completely focus on wedding stuff when we just might be building a house in the next couple of months! Ahh!!  I can hardly believe it! I am surely going to have a head of gray hairs by the end of this year… and trying to think about the DIY decorating style of my wedding as well as my new dwelling, a bit confusing. But I figure with all of the furniture that I will be re-finishing for the wedding, might as well make it work for our new home and save $$ on both. And the thought of moving out of this awful apartment makes me want to pee a little…in a good way.

As for the new diet: I am still on the Cleanse- which is pretty much, me taking pills and not drinking enough water! Eek. But I have a couple days left on it and I will really focus on eating better. They fed us way too well at PP of I this last week and I probably gained a couple L-B’s! Psh. Back to the gym tomorrow morn and water water water.

I have to give a big CONGRATS to my business partner and bestie: Frannie and her hubby with their new home that they signed on YESTERDAY!! How friggin awesome is that!? They get to start moving in tomorrow and I am so excited to help her with her decor (not that she needs any help) but I will gladly put pillows and sofa and books on shelves…haha. It is really stinkin beautiful too. I will have to post some pics once she gets all the decor up.

Off to work- have a great day! 


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