Spinning makes me hate myself…

I have been going pretty consistently to Bodypump- so proud of myself. *back pat* I feel like I am getting stronger but I am just gaining weight…like building muscle under fat. I really need to implement more cardio into my routine to help burn the existing fat and probably would help all the anxiety I have been having about the house and wedding. Sooooo i decided that maybe I should keep up the good early habits and join a spinning class at the gym….


It has been years since I have gone to a spinning class, and I really forgot what I was in for.

*First: instant fatigue- you would seriously think I had never worked out a day in my life. To give myself credit, I was still recovering from a really intense weightlifting class on Saturday…but seriously.

*Second: okay, I can do this! I start pushing through my tiredness and trying to keep up

*Next: heartburn. What, am I 60? No. But 25% of the class is- and they are kicking my ass.

*Then: I start looking around the room and notice that everyone is kicking ass but me…and then I start wishing I had the physique of the pregnant woman beside me. Like- I would take having a permanent baby-bump if I could wear that small of shorts…at this point I am sitting and trying not to vomit.

*”Burn Calories!!” says the 90 pound instructor. Who knew such a sweet, tiny voice could be so evil…and she is smiling! Seriously, if this is what it takes to burn calories, I might as well insert a feeding tube into my nose and hibernate all summer! When I take a drink from my water bottle I feel like I am suffocating.

*Now: just staring down and the ground and hoping it will be over soon….guess I should check the clock—– &^%! 20 minutes left. I decide to start participating in the ups and downs again, but now I am self-conscious about my intense wedgie that I know everyone is looking at.

*By the end and to this second, I feel like I might cough blood. Damn, just when you think your not AS out-of-shape as you USED TO BE. wrong. dead wrong. Twice a week…twice a week. You can do this.

On a less-depressing note: The offer we put on our new house build job has been accepted! I am so excited and scared and happy and anxious! Woo hoo, step by step on the fast track to grown-up-hood! When I told Matt how excited I am about the big things that are happening in our lives, he asked me: “Does that mean we have to ACT like grown ups?” And I figure- Matt just turned 33 on Friday (Happy Birthday Sweetness!) and I am turning 27 this Thursday….if we aren’t grown up at this age, I can assume we never really will be. (-:


One thought on “Spinning makes me hate myself…

  1. Hahaha I always spin with my mom when I’m home from school on breaks and she owns me every time. On longer breaks I usually get better but when I haven’t been around in 3 months I come back and feel like its my very first spin class all over again.

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