Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition!

Right now, I am drinking a cup of spinach….yes, drinking.

I never thought I would be the person who would be pounding protein shakes- but I guess I was wrong. I know that I have issues with food, the biggest issue being: I love eating. I love food so much, that the thought of going without the junk I love makes me REALLY sad. I decided that I need to have more structure in my eating habits- rules really. So I am on day 3 of protein shakes making up 2 of my meals- trying to stay around 1200 calories total for the day. I have also been really good about taking my multi-vitamins.

It is really frustrating that my $200 worth of weightloss supplements from Complete Nutrition haven’t been doing ANYTHING…literally, I have not lost a single solitary pound. I have been working out at least 4 days a week (building up to more, but my workout have been so intense- recovery days have been necessary…currently going on day 3 of straight-workouts and I feel like I am going to have a hard time walking today) and I have been watching what I am eating… I do look a little less flabby, which is great- and enough motivation to really stick with it. Yes, yes, muscle weighs more than fat and blah blah- but really…no weightloss- when I have over 25 lbs to lose!?

Now I am really trying to focus on the quality of foods that I am intaking. Lots of protein and vegetables. I feel really good so far, and feeling less “snacky” throughout the day. I discovered this awesome blog: Finding Joy in the Journey written by a local lady who has lost a lot of weight, and now she is really fit. She has some really great recipes and inspiration for fitness. Which inspires me to drink this every day:

Yes, I know- a new blender is definitely going on the registry! I think this model was born a year before I was…trusty.


1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

1 cup of fresh spinach

1 cup of frozen berries

1/2 cup on nonfat milk

then I like to add icecubes and water to get to the consistency I like—and then you have more shake to drink, which makes you fuller. I also will vary it with 1/2 a banana (I peel and freeze them when they are ripe- which works awesome since I don’t make it to the grocery store enough to always have fresh ones) and cinnamon powder if you want to change it up.

Adding the spinach is new for me, but seriously- I can’t taste it at all! I have heard of people adding kale too which is supposed to be uber-healthy. I will try it and let you know how it goes.

I am also trying to cook more, so hopefully I will have some fun recipes to share soon.


One thought on “Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition!

  1. Keep up the great work Nicole. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat. I need to get on a workout routine again myself, but that is another issue altogether. I refuse to own a scale because weight loss is more about losing fat percentage than strictly pounds. A scale does not show that, but those fun caliper things can lol. Good luck girl, and keep your chin up!

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