Unlikely things…

Okay, here we go—the inspiration for my wedding started with a knob… “A knob!?” you say. Yes. Seriously. I came across this drawer pull knob and fell in love with it. I love the colors, the feeling, the look. It inspired the theme and colors which I feel really emulate me and my personal style. Artistic, colorful—-very “Anthropologie” which is my looooove. So my wedding theme reflects that. We are having it in a barn surrounded by the foothills, which Matt and I both love.

I also love home decor and refinishing furniture–so I am refinishing furniture that will be able to flow with the decor in our new house as well as be key pieces in our wedding. I have already refinished a mini hutch that I found at a thrift store for $30—I painted it mustard yellow and put some of the knobs I have been collecting on it.

1. Take all of the knobs and hardware off the furniture piece. I left the hinges on in this case, because I am lazy and didn’t really care about them. you can tape them off, paint around them, or just paint over them if you are lazy like me.
2. Sand it down. This particular piece of furniture is actually shitty plywood which has that weird, look-like-wood paper finish. So I pretty much just roughed it up until with was a smooth surface to prime. I have a little “mouse” sander that I ADORE for little projects like this. The sandpaper is a little expensive, but it sticks on with velcro and you can usually get through a whole project with just a piece or two.
3. Prime! I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of it when I primed it. I have done furniture both ways- priming separately and then using primer-paint-in-one and I have found that you ALWAYS want to prime furniture!! When you dont, the paint doesn’t last and can look dingy really fast. Usually I use water-based primer, in this case I accidentally bought oil-based. It was a NIGHTMARE to get off my hands, but it dried really quickly on the furniture, when I think with water based you are supposed to let it dry overnight. I don’t like waiting- so this was pretty awesome.
4. PAINT! and paint and paint and paint. This yellow color was absolutely awful to work with, it went on alright- and then wouldn’t look even when it dried. It was a little transparent, and ever area that had a little more coverage would dry darker. Uck. So after about 5 coats, it started looking really good, but I used a lot more paint than I usually do.
5. Let dry and add a finishing touch. I put some of the knobs I have been collecting for the wedding, one of which being a my inspiration know (1 of 4 that I have total) and I like the mis-match look, so I rocked it. I think it turned out pretty cute.
Excuse my ghetto apartment- when we get out NEW HOUSE in July, I will have much more attractive photos. (-:

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