Building up to home-ownership

Well, its official- we just signed our life away on the building of our FIRST HOUSE!! I can’t believe that we are going to get a new home before we get married. It is absolutely surreal. I can’t believe how blessed we are and how everything seems to be falling into place. I am so incredibly lucky to have someone so special to share my life with…and my bathroom countertop. New house can’t come soon enough!


4 thoughts on “Building up to home-ownership

  1. Oh Nichole… congratulations! We just finished building our home… enjoy the process and all of the ‘picking out’ of everything. It will all come together… promise! Take lots of pictures! :)

    • Thank you so much Niki! It has been fun (and super stressful) building a house—too much control and not enough money! It is so good to hear from you- and now I know why you pin so much home stuff on Pinterest. (-:

  2. Congrats! Mandy and I did the exact same thing, closing two days before our wedding and moving in after the honeymoon. It was fun, and don’t let Matt tell you it’s crazy to drive by everyday. It is perfectly normal, and actually required. I posted all sorts of building pics at you should do the same here, you’ll enjoy looking back on it later!

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