Totally Buggin.

Okay, so this morning was the first time with the Body Bugg. I have to say- the technology of how it reads what your body is doing seems pretty cool. The problem is the technology with the software- yikes! The website is NOT user friendly at all, and the Bugg was a nightmare to set up on my phone. And then the phone and the computer software aren’t syncing with eachother. Now the Bluetooth connection with my phone keeps disconnecting the Bugg and when I am in the BB app- strange pop ups come up and it will close me out. I am currently downloading the new iPhone software- so maybe that will help.

All I can say about it so far is that it kept me at the gym for an extra 20 minutes after I would have normally left because I wanted my calorie burn to start off higher for the day.

That’s all I got…and I am going to look like this by August:

Okay, probably not- but I WILL have that tan. (-;


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