Wedding Hair & Bangs Dilemma

I have never really been known to keep the same hairstyle very long. Above is a timeline of my hairstyles {IN ORDER} from the past 2.5 years…so, as you can see- I am slightly, um, impulsive. (And no, my hair doesn’t grow that fast- I have extensions in and out and in…although I did start with my REAL waist long platinum hair in photo #1.

Well, with my impulsive hair decisions- I decided that it would be a good idea to get super thick bangs cut that start at the center of my scalp! Which, I do love them- I needed something a little more edgy than whatever the hell I was doing. Anyways, I have been keeping up these bangs for the past few months, and it is about time for a trim again…and all the sudden—PANIC MODE!! My wedding is in 4 months and half of my hair is now cut into bangs! Great.

SO now I am battling with myself and this mop that is supposed to walk down an aisle…so the question is: keep or grow? I found some cute styles with bangs (more without, of course) so it is possible, but I was hoping for a more unruly coiffe–which doesn’t work quite as well with straight, thick bangs.

So what to do?


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