Delicious. Easy. Healthy. Tortilla Soup!

Easy, yummy, AND healthy!? Yessss!!!

I am such a sucker for a good slow cooker recipe, especially one that I can change up depending on what sounds good, or what I already have in my fridge.

The best thing about this soup is that you can make the soup base and keep it in your fridge, and the toppings are totally up to you. So on days when I need to conserve calories, I will just eat the soup alone- and on days when I need a heartier meal, I will add avocado, cheese and chips. Yum!


1 can diced or pureed tomatos

1 can low-sodium chicken broth

1 can of salsa (I like the El Patio- which is next to the canned tomatos in the grocery store)

3 large chicken breasts (I just use them frozen and add enough that it is full, but you can still cover with tomatos/broth)

Diced onion (optional-I usually do about a cup worth-up to you)

Cilantro (fresh–again, personal preference)

Zucchini (optional)

Dash of Cumin (buy in the Mexican aisle—waaaay cheaper in the bag vs. bottle)

Cook on High for 4-6 hours (until you can shred chicken easily)



I like to store this “base” soup in Tupperware in the fridge for a super quick, easy meal.

You can top it off with whatever you like, I like to keep it super low cal- but when I want a little more, I add:

Low Fat Sour cream, Sliced Avocado, Peeled Smoked String Cheese (Weight Watchers brand *sooo yummy!!*), baked Tostitos chips


My Favorite. (-:


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