My DIY Cake Topper PART 1

Matt has REALLY wanted me to do some illustrations of us for our wedding invitations…although I might incorporate something like that in the wedding, it is far too much pressure to put on an invitation. Ugh. Everything just gets over-thought when it is your own, I guess.

Well I have seen these darling cake toppers around that are personalized of the Bride and Groom on Etsy- They run like $200-$300, so I figured I might as well give it a go. I still have to assemble some sort of pedestal for them to go on, but I have the little dolls all done and this is what I did:

I bought some of the little pegs from Etsy under “supplies”…I think they were under $10 for a set of 4.

Then I painted some little faces, hair, and base colors for clothes. I just wanted to keep them simple without being too “cutesy”

I got some dowels, cut them with wire cutters, and hot glued them to the base. I don’t think hot glue was the best choice–so if you try this yourself, maybe do a Gorilla glue or something that dries fast and wont melt. I am a little worried they won’t stay long term, but its all I had on me.

Clothes—I sewed a little jacket for “Matt” (pretty much just cut it out in 2 layers like flat, paper doll clothes. Then sewed around the edges and flipped it inside out, then just glued it in place for how I wanted it to fit on him) I sewed him little pants too. I have seen some options where people just paint clothes- which looks cute too, but I wanted to incorporate fabric.

For my hair, I used an old rounded button and used a huge glob of hot glue to give it the shape I wanted. Then just painted it when it dried.

I arranged “us” with his arm around me- just sort of hot glued it how I wanted it. So hopefully my wedding isn’t on a hot day- or it might melt. Ha.

Done! Like I said—I still want a little base and maybe a flag that says our names or something…that will be in part 2.


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