Sorry, gotta do a shameless plug here… My company (along with some other UHMAZING Boise wedding vendors) is doing a huge giveaway for a lucky 2013 couple getting married in the Boise area. If you know anyone and want to spread the word, we would just love ya for it.

That’s right– we are going to be shooting a wedding for FREE next year. And, not only will the lucky winners of this giveaway win our photographic services… they will also win over $15,000 in prizes and services from some our preferred vendors. We are teaming up with Brandi from Soiree to sponsor the LUCKY IN LOVE GIVEAWAY where you can enter to win Full Service Wedding Planning, Photography, Invitations, Cake, Attire, Hair, Makeup, DJ and even Flowers! Yep– we are off our rockers, but we might just be after some shameless promotion! Since we are all professional, legitimate vendors who value our craft so much, the application process is not for the faint of heart. Submit a video and fill out the application to enter. Don’t be scared to get a little creative with the video submission– the top 5 will be chosen by the participating vendors based on their videos and applications!

See the official Rules and How to Enter at

This is for 2013 couples only, and applications will be taken now through July 3rd.



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