Things that are happening.

Hello there! Oh my word, where have I been? Well, I have been elbow deep in wedding season, planning for our new home (which will be done in less than a month~!), and NOT doing anything to plan our wedding which is sneaking up on me in less than 3 months. shit.

Right now I am completely M.I.A. from my own wedding planning. It is like that feeling when you think you might just show up and have things work themselves out. Or no, maybe more of that thing where you think if you do it too far in advance, you are going to want to change everything about it anyways. Yes, like that. Why would I want to do all that work when I am going to be sick of it soon after? Nothing is booked, nothing is done, who is in charge here anyways?! I have a venue, a dress, a DJ, and a stack of paper that will hopefully turn itself into invitations. Oh yes, and a photographer…thanks Fran. Can I call you Fran?

I am completely behind on blogging and I have a lot of fun stuff to show you guys. I re-finished a dresser I found in a dumpster and planted an “apartment garden” that I luckily, have not killed yet. Stay tuned- I have how-to’s coming soon.

I am completely addicted to the new 90210…its amazing. I have already nearly polished off all the seasons on Netflix. I know, sick. Watch it…you’ll like it.

I took out my extensions…and I am growing my bangs. I know, who cares. But coming soon will be a new “do”—think bigger, blonder, longer. I am excited for a change. This current cut is too easily translated to a “soccer mom” sorta look.

A lot of new stuff has been going on with the house. I didn’t take photos yesterday when we went out there (just got back from working in McCall all weekend and was sort of in a daze. But we have all the sheetrock up, texture, molding, paint etc. Cabinets and doors are next. Here are pictures from last week, so you can only imagine how much they have done since then. It is getting really close to moving time. I am so excited to have more space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last week, I took a trip to Draper, Utah with Melissa last week to buy out Ikea. They were going through a remodel and didn’t have a lot of the products I wanted, so unfortunately my shopping list was cut short. But I made up for it at the Park City outlet mall…Jcrew, you won THIS time!! Ikea was definitely a new experience, but I am really excited for the finds I got. Rad new grey-wood coffee table will look ubber-chic in the new pad. Yay! Also got a new desk, chair and some cool light fixtures.

Well I think that’s all the rambling I have for today. I will try to get the other stuff blogged soon!! Ciao.



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