Apartment Garden

Hello all! Sorry I have been MIA lately, wedding season has me a little tied up…and then I feel guilty for writing personal blogposts if I am at all behind on blogging for work (which I am!) But today is Saturday, and I have a wedding to shoot- so I will take a little break for a personal post.

Our house is finished. Now it is just the torturous part of waiting…finishes, inspections, financing, and then its ours! It really sucks though because they locked us out now. SO I can’t even go in and daydream about where stuff will go. Haha. They probably don’t want us to be tempted to just start moving in or planting grass in our yard. I am SO excited to get my little garden going in our new yard! I planted a little “Apartment Garden” in the meantime and it is already doing really well. I have a bit of a green thumb I think…

Here is my little garden and how I made it:


First, I did a little research on which food plants can grow in a pot. I have: green peppers, mini sweet peppers, basil, cherry tomatos, another medium tomato, anaheim chiles, cucumbers, and strawberries.

I got some ceramic pots, spray paint, and potting soil…

Prime. I love spray primer. You might need a couple coats because the clay is very absorbant.


Plant. I like starting off with starter plants- I don’t do as well with seeds. I got most of my plants at the farmers market and a couple really big ones at WalMart (I love their hanging strawberry plants)

And I have been watering every day to every-other day with a plant food you mix into water. I have already picked 3 yummy strawberries and 1 cherry tomato. Here is after a few weeks, most plants have more than doubled in size:


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