Miracle Hair Treatment

Hello, my name is Nichole, and I have pretty much tried every hair (and beauty) product known to man…sort of a little hobby of mine. My mom has had her cosmetology license for my whole life, so whenever we would go to the beauty supply- I would always buy something new to try on my poor, thin, and over-processed hair. Since my hair is pretty fine, whenever I blow-dry it, it ends up as a frizzy mess. Seriously, I could load it up with as much anti-frizz, oily hair serums as I wanted and it was still frizzy and weird until I tortured it with a flat-iron. Call me a hair serum connoisseur of sorts.

If any of you who have been to a hair dresser lately has probably heard of “Moroccan Oil”- yes, that is the new magic hair oil that he/she massages through your hair that makes you never want to wash again after you leave the salon. Even at my mom’s discount price- I couldn’t afford that shit (retailing at $59.99 per 3.4 oz)!!

I have to admit, I am a little too cheap to be dropping that kind of cash on a bottle of hair oil…

To my cheapos alike: I have news for you!! Organix has a Moroccan oil (retailing at $7.99 per 3.3 oz) that is tried and true. Seriously, the difference in my hair while blowdrying with and without is amazing. AND you can buy it at Fred Meyer. Score. I was blowdrying my hair this morning and I had to tell you.


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