Let’s pull it together- one month left!

Hello everyone who actually reads this thing. I feel like I time-travelled through this entire summer and all of the sudden, there is only one month left until our wedding! If you would have asked me a month ago, I would have thought I was on the right track…well that felt like yesterday and the progress between then and now…let’s just say I am panicking a little.

The wedding details: Well, my mom and I went out to the barn the other day so we could envision where everything is going to go…well there are some aspects that I was not prepared for, which are going to interfere with some of the placement/usage of the handmade details that we have been busting our asses trying to make…so now I officially have no gameplan- except, maybe we should just show up and put things places…oh god.

Food: I CANNOT make up my mind about catering. Price/variety/over-all feeling of the day/price…and then looking at it, does it actually really matter as long as people are fed? Probably not.

Weight loss: I have successfully (and unsuccessfully) lost 12 pounds since I start my “I am going to lose weight” blog posts. Since I am a normal-sized person, I guess that is pretty good, but I still have another 10-15 til I am really where I want to be, oh yes- and a month and 3 days to make it happen! I am currently on a 2-shake-a-day regimen of the Visalus shake mix. It is really tasty and low-cal. Since I have been on the shakes, I have successfully been losing 1-2 pounds a week with moderate exercise. I will be bumping up my workouts until the wedding and hopefully the pounds-per-week will become even more successful. Interested in the product? My Body by Vi site is: http://www.mattstrophywife.bodybyvi.com and you can join the challenge with me! I would love to hear about your results.

Organization: The worst part about a DIY wedding is deciding who is going to do what. I am pretty horrible about delegation because 1) I dont want to put anyone out or inconvenience people 2) I am a total control freak, so I just try and do everything myself. The truth is- it is WORTH it to pay people to handle things on the wedding day. We are doing our own decorating, but I really want the catering, music, entertainment, and ALL DOCUMENTATION (ie. video/photo) to be handled by professionals.

So wish me luck, this is the crunch time. OH—and when I actually get all the damn boxes put away in my house I will be posting pics of the new pad. I LOVE it so much and can’t wait to show you.


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