My Health Plan

I know that everyone wants me to tell them some sort of secret that has made this super “easy” and that it is “magic” and whatnot…well, it isn’t. I love food and I really don’t have a great metabolism. I have found that my body doesn’t require a lot of calories to have energy and that it is generally harder for me to lose weight than others. THE PROBLEM IS THAT I LOOOOOVE FOOD, and I reward myself with bad food and laziness. But I HAVE found a system that seems to be working well for me and I feel like it is something that I can stick with and modify after I reach my fitness goals. I have tried every diet out there and I never felt like I could establish in my mind: this is just what I do now. It is all in your head, everyone claims short-term goals and they (I, included) think: “when I am finally done with this diet, then I can relax, then I can eat what I want. NEWSFLASH: Skinny people don’t eat the same shit we are eating!! Watch them- even the ones that say they eat what they want still pick at it like a bird. It is simple science, calories in -vs- calories out.

EDUCATE YOURSELF: Find a book that can educate you about nutrition. I have been diet-obsessed my whole life, so I do know a lot about nutrition- but finding a book that I can refer back to, that I agree with and believe in has been really great. Jackie Warner is a trainer to the stars and has tons of knowledge about the perfect science of getting your body to run on maximum energy foods, small quantities, and minimal workouts. I love:

BUY HEALTHY FOOD YOU “LIKE”: After you read Jackie’s book, it will change the way you shop for food (you will look at nutrition labels in a whole new way). Since I really eat less food, I splurge on healthy foods I like. I love artichokes, raw snap peas, watermelon, pomegranate, seafood, goat cheese- things that are sort of spendy, but they make me excited for my healthy meals.

CONVENIENCE: I don’t know about you guys, but the main reason that I eat out is because I don’t want to pack food to take with me. That is why I love the Vi Shakes for breakfast and lunch. I bought this awesome blender that blends shakes right in the bottle, so I will blend up a shake to take with me in the morning and then I will bring a backup bottle (either you can blend it before you leave and just make it extra-thick so it is still icy by lunch or you can put all your frozen fruits, powder mix and ice in the bottle and then add water and blend at work- we have a little backup blender base that we all use) The blender is $30 at target and you can buy the bottle ala carte- so get as many as you feel like you need to keep it convenient. Because if you don’t pack—you will splurge on crap. I didn’t mean for that to rhyme.

THE SHAKES: I know I keep talking about the shakes, the reason is- because they work for me. I think the biggest reason is that when I eat solid food, it is a gateway to snacking overload until I feel like a stuffed cow. With the shakes, it is a discipline and I also don’t have the cravings of curing salty with sweet and repeat. I just drink my shake and I feel full and satisfied. Each shake serving is 90 calories when mixed with water- you can pretty much add anything to it and it tastes great- but you have to take into account the calories for everything you add. This is how I am able to keep my calories down to 900 without feeling deprived. I do the “Shape Kit” which is 2 shakes a day for like 90 bucks? It is on auto ship- and my account is super easy to manage online. Even at 90 bucks a month, I am saving a ton on food- but you can actually get it free! I love the stuff and all of the nutrients in it that I was lacking in my diet, I have tons of energy and I feel awesome. I would pay for it regardless, the chance to get it free is totally just a bonus. Plus there are over 100 recipes- so you never get bored.


EXERCISE: ugh, I hate it too guys! I am actually putting off going to the gym to write this blogpost. I will go though…I will. So finding an exercise regimen that you “don’t hate” is the key. Something that you will see results in the areas that bother you most. Its really funny when I think about that because when I was working out like a crazy person (before I started the Vi-challenge) I was doing a TON of cardio: spinning and running etc and then I’d do a weightlifting class that really did minimal ab work and focused more on arms, legs, and back. THEN every time I would look in the mirror- I would lift of my shirt and stare at my flabby belly! I wasn’t even focused on toning my core and that was what I was judging my progress on!! I just figured, if I get skinny everywhere- my core would too. Now, I am doing the opposite- incorporate less cardio, more often and TONE THE AREAS THAT BOTHER YOU! Then, when you look at those areas and notice that you are seeing results, it will empower you to keep going instead of quitting. So- I love:

It was 9 bucks at target and it makes my lovehandles burn. I also feel sore in my arms and legs-but the FOCUS is on the area that I really track my progress with. For cardio- I like to jumprope, run around the neighborhood, elliptical at the gym, etc. Jackie will tell you what percentage of your workout should be cardio vs strength training.

MAKE YOURSELF BELIEVE: I read in a magazine that women who said “I can’t eat that” vs the women that said “I don’t eat that” while on a diets were much more likely to fail due to the acknowledgment of deprivation. Also, I have found that people around you can be a horrible influence on “come on, you can just have oooonnnnneeee!” but what they don’t know is that one is the gateway to polishing off the plate. So—you just don’t eat that ANYMORE. And if one day you would like to have a couple- thats none of their damn business. Trick your mind. You are in control. Or if you are like me—threaten yourself with more exercise….

MY NORMAL DAY: There is really no such thing as a “normal day” for me because I don’t like doing the exact same thing every day. But I have snacks that are usually my go-to’s because I like them and then my dinner always varies.

Breakfast/mocha coffee shake :
8:00ish — 2 scoops Visalus, 1 packet of instant coffee, 1 tbsp of Sugar Free Choc Pudding mix, ice, water, blend! (Drink a glass of water first and then take a long time to drink your shake.) Sometimes if I want it creamy- I will add half a frozen banana, but then I will just eat one less fruit at snack time. Some people add milk/almond milk–I do OCCASIONALLY, but I don’t like the extra calories when the shakes taste great with water. 100cal


Lunch/fruit shake:
12:00ish — 2 scoops Visalus, 1 cup of frozen fruit of choice, 1 cup of fresh spinach leaves, water, blend! 170cal

WATER WATER WATER…then I turn into snacky snackerson…

Snacks (spread through out the day):
Big Handful of Snap Peas or Baby Carrots…sometimes both 50cal

*ONE* snack bag of some sort of yummy carbs- I usually do Pirates Booty White Cheddar Puffs (I buy the lunch sized bags at Fred Meyer) or Veggie Straws (available at Costco) 130cal

2 small fruit servings: either freeze dried apples or a small piece of whole fruit 100cal-ish depending

A serving of veggies and a small serving of lean animal protein equalling about 350-400cal

Be careful with your salt and carbs—thats why I say if you want a carby snack, just eat one and drink a lot of water throughout the day. If I want something salty and want to stay away from carbs: light string cheese is the shit- weight watchers makes a smoked version that is amazing!

TOOLS: My Fitness Pal is a free tool that you can use online or on your smart phone. I use it to track my weightloss/calories/look up foods etc. You can also friend other people and encourage them on their journey. My username is “NShooty” if you want to be friends. :-) If you prefer to do it alone- you can totally just use it as a tool without networking or anything.

Alright, I think that’s about all I got for ya. Now it is time to head to the gym for some cardio. Can’t wait to show you guys photo #3!


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