“Mrs. Schoener…Mrs. Schoener…? Are you Nichole Schoener?”

We are on day three of me being a married woman…everyone asks: “do you feel different?” and the truth is, I just feel like I want things to go back to normal. But things aren’t normal right now. My house is destroyed, I am somewhere between Nichole Rowley and Nichole Schoener, I have work to do, and I haven’t even thought about practicing my new signature! I need a vacation.

Anyways—the wedding: Matt and I got hitched on Sunday, September 23rd—and it was the best/most stressful day of my life. Most of it just feels like a blur, and I only really had 2 drinks the whole day—so it wasn’t that. Let me tell you though, I am so happy that I got video because I think I checked out for part of the day. As soon as it started raining on my handmade decor (first rainy day in months FYI) I think I had a mental leave of absence. Long story short, it stopped raining about 15 minutes before the ceremony was set to start and I had “super crew” (of friends and family) that pulled it all together and made it look amazing. We had a sweet little ceremony that felt so “awkwardly us” and followed with an epic party with some of the best people in the whole world. We did a pretty good job on our “fancy” first dance, kept the cake cutting somewhat clean, and oh yes—the best part is the flash mob of our friends and family members that broke out after the toasts to “Call Me Maybe”—praying to God that the videographer was able to get all of that…I mean, I have seen a lot of weddings and I haven’t seen anything quite like this. It seems like everyone had a good time and that is the most important. Can’t wait to see the documentation!

When all is said and done…I get to come home to the most perfect man in this world for me and I am SO EXCITED for that!

Love you Matty.


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