My Bachelorette Party

Alright, I am assuming you would like to know the play of events on how exactly this happened to me…I can’t explain it all- but “luckily” I have photos that can probably give you a good idea. We started the evening with a class on how to make terrariums. Rad right? Yes, yes it was! We had a serious blast, and after almost a month- mine is still thriving. What an awesome idea.

After our class, we headed down to Solid on 8th Street to catch Happy Hour, where we ran into some comedians who gave us some free tickets to an improve show at Liquid later that evening. We headed to dinner at Fork (a favorite dining location of Matt’s and mine) where I had grilled cheese//tomato basil fondue and my second of many vodka-sodas with lemon & lime.

Then headed to the free comedy show. After that, we sent my mother home and we went to do a little interpretive dancing downtown…

Here we go…the “gum game”…After leaving the comedy show, Rachel says “I need to leave and get some packs of gum.” She walked into Solid to ask random people for gum and came out 30 seconds later with 3 packs: 2 fruity, 1 minty. They then sat me in a chair where they had Matt on the line to answer questions about himself that I was supposed to know. For every question I got wrong, I would have to chew another piece of gum. The sweet-looking, evil girl in the photo above, Teresa, thought it would be really hilarious to start me on the fruity gum and surprise me with a minty piece every now any again. The end concoction was the most disgusting thing ever.

And below is Rachel shouting questions at me… disappointed when I would answer them correctly. Haha.

To all of my girls, Stacey and Frannie in particular- thank you for loving me enough to plan and execute such a fun evening that I will never forget. I love you guys like crazy and I am so lucky to have friends like you that still want to hang out with me after I make a total udder idiot of myself. That is true friendship, and I would do it for you any day.


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