Get yo ass to the gym! You smell like alfredo!

Hold up—now that I am married, I CAN’T just sit around and eat leftover Johnny Carino’s catering?! Put down the fork Nichole- I think you have easily gained 5 lbs this week!

Alright, let’s just say that getting back to “normal” hasn’t been as easy as I thought. It is so easy to get caught up in the “vaycay” of marital bliss- but the truth is, it is really time to buckle down and get back to earning my *best body* before we go on our honeymoon (which is hopefully in November? Matt? Did you plan it for November?) plus Frannie and I will be shooting a wedding in Mexico this December–and I would hope for some bikini time during our 5-day-stay. Yes.

I got a new book that I am stoked about—so I am about to hop in my gym clothes and sweat it out with a little reading. Back on track people…back on track. I will report back in a couple weeks with my new “after the after” pic. Hoping I will impress.

If you are a demented weirdo–read you some Chuck Palahniuk. If you aren’t….DON’T.



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