fight to my best body

You get into the shape FOR the wedding, right?

Right, sort of.


Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that I could fit into my wedding dress and everything…but really, I think that was just a jumpstart to working towards my “best body”. I think that now is the best time to take these healthy habits and turn them into a lifestyle that I can continue to live with. Its funny because after my last post, I actually weighed myself (yes, after eating like shit for 2 weeks) and I was DOWN 2 lbs since my last weigh-in. That is a total of 18.5 lbs…it was pretty eye-opening that my metabolism was actually improving and that implementing the Visalus Shakes into my diet was something that was making me healthier overall- which is why my body could bounce back after me treating it so badly with all the wedding stresses and over-eating.

This is something I can do.

It was also weird because when I wasn’t taking the shakes- I could actually feel my body was lacking nutrients. This stuff is good. Which is why I decided to start promoting it. I know I know…its a pyramid scheme right? Welp, yes. One that is spreading like wildfire because the product is THAT GOOD. I am talking about it all the time anyways. I might as well start getting paid for talking about it. :-)



I am ready to ACTUALLY be Matt’s Trophy Wife! (I chose that name as a joke…paying for it now that I am a promoter. haha.)

So currently I am trying to find some warm shake recipes that I like, because it is getting chilly around here and I like me some warm drinks during the fall/winter-time. I just microwaved one of the Chocolate Chip Nutra-Cookies and it was sorta ‘the shit’. Here is my first experience with warm shake…and it is pretty dang good people!!


and then just something random…


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