Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

A documentary was recommended to me since I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle with my 2-shakes-a-day of ViSalus and implementing more fruits and veggies into my diet.

It is ultimately the journey of a guy who goes from eating like a normal, fat American to a 100% all vegetable/fruit juice fast. He drinks only juice for 60 days and it goes through his food withdrawls, doctor supervision/tests, and overall outcome of weightloss and health throughout the diet. He was on auto-immune medications that he was able to get off of completely and got into crazy good shape.

It was so interesting to see the interviews of people who were hearing about what this guy was doing and knowing how much he was improving his health and his life, but they would say “but I would never do that!” It just totally re-affirmed how much our society is ADDICTED to food (myself included) that they were given the scenario of adding 10 years to their lives and most of then wouldn’t take it if it meant changing their lifestyle. Wow.

I also thought it was so interesting to see all of the tests showing his improved health throughout the fast—-“Who decided we needed 3 meals a day, or whether the food pyramid is correct.” It stripped everything down to basic nutrients, whole foods, and animalistic instincts that got us to where we are today: big fat fatties…

This is the food pyramid that I grew up with:

Although now, it is admittedly out-of-date and has been revised since–this is what us “big, fat, Americans” have been taught our whole lives as “well balanced” and thats how we prepare meals for our big, fat, kids. On the film it talks about how on the “normal” American plate- it is usually dominated by meat and carbs, with a little side portion of starch and vegetables.

Here is the “nutrient dense” pyramid introduced:

And the difference in healthy produce calories vs. other calories in the means of “filling you up” and eating “enough.”

Which when I was strictly watching my calorie intake (right now, I have been more lax on this, remember- one day at a time) and I was documenting the amount of calories I was eating (which wasn’t much) but I felt like I was eating ALL-DAY-LONG! I got a lot of shit from people about “not eating enough” and I was actually eating more food than I ever usually did, just more of it was fruits and vegetables = LESS CALORIES. (Read about it here) Which ironically, a lot of the people who were telling me I am doing it wrong, are overweight.

Watch the film- its on Netflix instant stream.

Taking away from this: although I am not going to run out and buy a juicer tomorrow, it re-affirms that I am doing good things for my body. I want to live a long, healthy life for my husband and my future kids. And it inspires me even more to help more people get on the Challenge and improve their lives. One day at a time—lets fight obesity, educate, and help people get fit.


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