Its election day people…Day 2

Its day two on my 30 day hardcore challenge…and I woke up sore- I mean, pretty dang sore. Since I am a Body Pump veteran, I thought I would be able to hop right in, but I forgot that after day one it is hard to walk up stairs…It says to rest today on my BeachBody Pump sched- so I took a break off exercise today, which is good because I had SO MUCH WORK I had to do today! Plus its election day- did you vote?


Day 2:

Walking (2 hours worth total…photoshoots count right?)

Breakfast- Banana Vi-shake (2 scoops magic powder, half frozen banana, 1 cup almond milk, banana flavor packet, 1 cup water, ice)

Lunch- Mixed fruit Vi-shake (2 scoops magic powder, 1 cup frozen mixed fruit, water)

Dinner- Veggie pizza on wheat tortilla (recipe coming soon), 1/2 c. raw snap peas and carrot sticks, 1/4 c. fresh raspberries

Snacks- Chocolate Chip Nutra-cookie

2 slices of peppered turkey, lite cream cheese, & picked asparagus wraps (recipe coming soon)


I feel like I was a little high on my carbs and sodium. I am going to try and eat cleaner tomorrow (guess we will see how that goes) feeling good though. My veggie pizza was so satisfying- I made one for Matt too and he really liked it. Going to make those more often for sure!


2 thoughts on “Its election day people…Day 2

  1. Have you or will you be posting your pizza recipe? I haven’t located it and would love to try it. Thank you for posting your daily plan during your challange. It is very encouraging ang, helpful

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