Day 3- Veggie Shake


Well good day! We are on day tres of my 30 day hardcore challenge- so how bout an annoying update? I will give you a shake recipe too just for listening to me for a couple seconds, or just for coming to this blog at all…

Day 3:

25 min of Body Pump   30 min Jillian Michaels 6 week six pack

Breakfast- Veggie shake (see recipe above)

Lunch- Warm Mocha Vi Shake (2 scoops, hot water, chocolate flavor packet, instant coffee, blend! <– that part’s important)

Dinner- not really hungry, so I had an Oatmeal Raisin Nutra Cookie

Snacks- Brown Rice Cake w/Organic Peanut butter & approx 8 chocolate chips


I just really haven’t been hungry today- I started off with the veggie smoothie and it was really good fuel for the day. I had to remind myself to make a lunch shake…maybe since I had such a good day today, it might affect my daily photo more positively tomorrow…no one ever tells you how forgiving iphone photography is. My previous before and afters have NOTHIN on a camera on a tripod with a flash–EEK! Just better be lookin good in 30 days or you guys will NEVER SEE THEM. Ha.



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