Berry Vi-Crepes

By request- here is my recipe for Vi-Crepes with berry filling. I just discovered the new cream cheeses from Laughing Cow (at the grocery store) that come in wedges-
I love using the cinnamon one to spread on the crepes before adding the filling. SOOOO good! Still pretty low in calories, but make sure you are measuring your portions to avoid intaking too many calories in the day. Sometimes I will drizzle with honey for a little extra sweetness!

And I guess I will combine my Day 5 into this post too, before I forget! I didn’t have a change to write a post yesterday, the hubs and I went to dinner and a movie: Seven Psychopaths (go see it! worth it!)

Day 5:
Les Mills Pump Challenge (20 min) & Hardcore Abs (soooo good!) (20 min)

Breakfast: Microwaved Chocolate Chip Nutra Cookie (warm and delicious with my black coffee…Mmmm!)

Lunch- Warm Vi Shake with Cocoa powder and Instant coffee…blend hot. It was okay.

Dinner- Qdoba: 2 tacos & cup of tortilla soup- no cheese on either one

Snacks- Small popcorn at the movies (no added butter)…pretty much ate it all by myself. And a couple of handfuls of craisins <—bad! and 5 lemon drops <—bad!

Okay, wayyyy too many carbs in the snacks! But, since it was date night, I was a little more lax than usual. Compared to what I used to have on date nights, I am actually REALLY proud of myself for restricting. And I didn't have ANY soda- not even diet. *pats back* Doing better today so far.


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