Day 7…hip hop hilarious

So I am writing this post from my phone…so hopefully it isn’t a total shit show.

We are going on completing my first week of my second fitness challenge. I am feeling awesome and ready for week two yayah!!

Today for my workout I did Pump & Burn weightlifting (30min) and then decided I was up for a little cardio so I tried Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs….in front of a mirror…in a sports bra. So not only was Shaun’s unusually flamboyant nature amusing, but my coordination is absolutely disgraceful!! I think my laughing on top of the already challenging an work out I was getting really upped the anty….or whatever they say. Even though I have a really sexy layer of flab over my midsection, correct me if I am wrong- but I think I might see a little bit of definition:

Score! Now let’s get rid of the squishy stuff!

So food: I was sooo boring today with my food- sorry. I was freezing all day so I made a warm chai shake for both breakfast and lunch and a microwaves chocolate chip Nutra cookie…

For dinner I had a spinach side salad with bleu cheese on the side…it was really damn good actually.

But!!! I DID log my food on myfitnesspal .com AND I made an effort to drink more aqua. Word.



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