The Freakin Weekend, y’all!

I am not gonna lie, I am a little disappointed with myself from this weekend. I just think I could have been much stricter on the diet part. I am always a little more lax on the weekends, because my husband is home and we LOVE our veg-time.

Here we go, day 5 & 6…

I had a great workout- did the Pump & Burn DVD in my Les Mills Pump set. Upped my weight & felt some serious soreness on Sunday.

Breakfast- Vi-Pancakes with Bananas

Lunch- Fruit Vi Shake

Dinner- Matt and I went out to dinner and we shared a BBQ Chicken Quesadilla, I had a chicken salad that had lots of tortilla strips on it!! Ahhh!!

Snacks- We took home a cookie dough brownie, and I, admittedly, ate most of it… :-(

I am so sad that I messed up my day with dinner…I know I had “weekend brain” going on- but I did definitely slip up. I did bypass ordering a beer I really wanted, so my habits have improved- but still disappointing.

Okay, yesterday was a blur. I didn’t consume as many calories as Saturday, but I also didn’t work out. It was a “rest” day on my Pump schedule…so I took advantage of that.

Today is a new day people! Goals for this week:
*Drink a ridiculous amount of water
*Log ALL calories on <—if you haven't tried it, DO! It's free and awesome.
*Resist Carby & Salty snacks- especially after 6:00pm (when I eat carbs and salt at night, I wake up feeling like shit)
*Work out EVERY day. "Rest" days should be replaced with Yoga Flow from now on.


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