Healthy health…oh yes- ’tis day 8!

Pretty crazy right?

Oh my goodness! Woke up this morning and I am down 1.5lbs- yo yo, word to your mom! I am so excited since I have been lifting weights- I have been trying to stay away from the scale because my focus is building lean muscle right now, but I am cool with losing pounds of fat too!

Everything is going well, since I worked really hard yesterday- I woke up pretty sore, so I did the Les Mills Flow DVD in my Pump set and it is sooooooooo amazing- killer good stretches that hit just the right tight spots! So, long story short- took the day off exercise- which means I was extra careful with my calories.

Breakfast- Chai-Vi-Shake (warm) & Peanut Butter Nutra Cookie (also warm, of course)

Lunch- Bowl of chicken noodle soup and 6 saltines and a cup of grapes

Dinner- Fruit Vi Shake

Snacks- Yes, I had another Vi-Nutra Cookie…chocolate chip–I have a problem, OKAY!? And I had a tablespoon of Peanut butter, off the spoon- like a savage.

I am actually really excited to get back to lifting tomorrow. I felt my leg muscles as I was walking up the stairs today, and I am pretty sure I could easily leg wrestle a grown man. I will let you know how that goes…I mean, have you seen these things?


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