I think something is happening to my arms…

Well it’s day nine (9)…

And it appears that my arms are getting leaner- there are even muscles showing! I was noticing when I was doing my hair and had to show you…

So day 9 was good- I did 30 min weightlifting, no cardio.

Breakfast: oatmeal raisin Nutra cookie

Lunch: blueberry cheesecake vi shake

Dinner/snacks: a cup of raw carrots/snap peas, cup of grapes, freeze dried bananas/strawberries, 4 Melba toast rounds, and a peanut butter Nutra cookie…everything was sort of mixed together- so I figure I just “bleh” it all out at you!

So part of my motivation is to have a inspirational phone screensaver- I try to switch it up every now and then so I don’t because numb to it- so I will share my current one:

Although I know I could never possibly have a body like that (I am 5’4″ with a much shorter torso) but I know she works really hard to look like that!! I am reminded every day :-) but loving the BURN and the way I FEEL!! Get inspired and re-inspire yourself every day.

Learning to live lifestyle is what it’s all about!


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