Hello, yes, I am here.

Yes, I am alive… 20121126-203708.jpg

Hey hey hey!!! Things have been a little bit busy lately, trying to wrap up all the work I have before we take off to Mexico- to shoot a wedding, and hopefully get in a little much needed R&R! My computer is being ridiculous right now so i am blogging from my phone real quick while it restarts.

9 days to go to mexico and I am workin my butt off so I don’t scare people in my bikini! Lots of lifting weights…prob need to up the cardio. I just started a “3 day cleanse” where I am doing 3 shakes a day with water, fruit, green veggies and egg whites. Lots of water and green tea. Just wrapping up day one and I feel really awesome actually. I haven’t been hungry lately anyways- so this might just be what I need to kick my metabolism into gear since I have hit a little weightloss plateau. I will let you know how it goes. I have also started back up on multi vitamins and omega 3 tablets. Seriously, feeling awesome!


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