So I had some friends over for dinner the other night and I made my favorite Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe and then a spinach salad with sliced apples, pomegranate seeds, and then toasted whole flax seeds sprinkled on top (really delicious actually). Well, my friend Stacey was making fun of my nonchalant use of flax, I told her that I was just looking out for her Omegas. She said “I bet you eat nutritional yeast too don’t you!?” I was like “noooo- weird, why?” Apparently a nurse she works with puts it on everything and it has tons of nutritional benefits…


I did a little research and apparently the stuff is ubber-healthy- QUICK FACTS:

Gluten, dairy, cholesterol, & sugar FREE, packed with 9 essential amino acid proteins, contains tons of B vitamins that will give you ENERGY, Boosts your immunity, provides natural detoxification, provides anti-aging nucleotides & can improve skin health and appearance, vision, memory, hair loss, arthritis, and heart disease. 


I put a tablespoon of the yeast flakes in my shake this evening…um…might take some getting used to. I will let you know successful recipes I come up with using this awesome power food! I bought my yeast flakes in the bulk food section at the local Winco Foods (was there picking up my wheat berries so I can plant my wheatgrass…thats a whole ‘nother Oprah!)

*photo credit and more information- check out this site 


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