Living Life, Finding Balance


I just got back from Mexico late on Monday, and after the all-inclusive fat-fest I have been indulging in…returning home and getting back into the swing of things is a little harder than I thought it would be. Yesterday completely went out the window- and today is time to reset.

I have lived most of my life without balance. I swing from one extreme to the next because of an over-dedication and then loss of focus with my health and lifestyle. I remember at one point in my life last winter (when I gained over 20 lbs, mind you) that I actually had the lucid thought of “if I can’t sit around and binge with Matt in front of the TV, I can’t be happy” I actually thought without a doubt that because its what I enjoyed most when we were together. Or a year prior to that when I had reached my lowest weight of 120lbs (near-anorexia style, seriously lost all of my muscle mass and everything) once I got to “feeling skinny” along with it came the mentality that I could “eat whatever I wanted” since I was skinny…ironic since I got that skinny from eating nothing.

Well, here I am- quite a ways from both of those scenarios. Its time to live with balance. My metabolism is worse than ever (thank you very much yo yo diets, heredity, and aging!) and I can’t afford to treat my body like a dumpster ever again. Today, I enjoy healthy (and portioned) snacking with my husband, daily exercise, more energy, and a more positive outlook. I am more than 4 months away from starting my first challenge and I am still happy, still thriving, and still able to get back on the bandwagon!

This book was recommended to me and I shall pass it along to you—a “must read” for those of you who are ready to lose weight for the last time.

Fit from Within by Victoria Moran



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