My New Year’s Resolution 2013

I was just about to post something on Facebook about New Year’s resolutions, and I started typing about mine and thought…ya, maybe this would make a better blog post.

I know I have talked a little bit about “living with balance,” it is something that I have already been trying to implement in my diet and exercise- and it is my resolution to continue that out into other aspects of my life.

Having a clean, settled, happy home: We recently built our house, and even though we have lived here since August- everything is still finding its place and neither Matt nor I are used to taking care of a house this large. I would like to get organized and then find a way that we are both able to maintain the house and keep it always looking neat and tidy.

Distinguishing work and home life: Now that I have an office at home, it has been so nice for me to be able to work from home instead of having to go to the office every day. Although the comfort and convenience has been AWESOME, I find myself getting distracted with home-life stuff during work hours and then needing to work in the evenings when I need to have family time with Matt. I guess I would like to see my time working more efficiently- such as, if I start a batch of laundry, I dont need to sit down and watch an episode of Chelsea Lately just because I walked upstairs. My evenings are too important for me to waste any time during the day.

Preparing for a growing family: One of these days, we are going to consider making our family of 2, a family of 3…and when that happens- we both need to understand that our selfish lifestyle is going to need to adjust. Putting our long-term goals of a realistic family lifestyle and being able to share duties and roles.

Continuing on with being a healthy person: Fitness is important to me, and it needs to be a priority of mine forever. No more yo-yo dieting, no more “fat months,” and no more extremes. It is okay to eat what I want here and there and have “cheat days,” but risking my health and feeling like crap isn’t worth eating processed food and neglecting exercise. Taking care of myself is important. Balance.


Ampersand_049 Photo by Nate Perkes Photography


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