How to plant wheat grass

Recently I have been very interested in the health benefits of wheatgrass, which led me to wait doing some research on how to plant my own. I started by looking for some kits online, but I was amazed how inexpensive and simple it was just to provide my own materials.

You can pick purchase your own wheatberries at your local bulk food store. I think I found mine for two dollars a pound or something.


Okay here we go, easy!
1. Take a generous amount of your wheatberries and put in a bowl filled with water, soak overnight.
2. Fill your container of choice with soil (preferably organic) and top with a generous of the soaked wheatberries
3. Cover with a damp paper towel and water generously
Continues to water every day, probably leave the paper towel on top of the wheatberries until sprouted. I have found that this is with in two days- then I remove the towel.
4. Full harvest within 5 to 7 days



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