DIY up-cycled Wall Art


I am excited to finally have another little piece on “the wall” of my office!! As most of you may know by now, I am a little bit of a thrift store junkie—and I have even been known to pull things out of the dumpster of our old apartment complex….

Well- with all this new wall space in the new house, I have been needing to get some more stuff on the walls- luckily feeling a little inspired to do so these days (5:00am workouts have given me more time during the days to get stuff done)

So, here is a little step by step:

1. Find a thrift store painting or plaque of some sort–smooth surface

2. Cover with contact paper or if you don’t have contact paper- painters tape seems to work alright.

3. Draw your vision

4. Cut all of the areas with an X-acto knife and peel the parts that you want to have painted (keep the tape on the areas you want the original “art” to show through)

5. Paint!! You might need to prime depending on the surface you are painting on. Either way, get quite a few coats on there til it looks nice and solid.

6. Peel while the paint is still damp

7. Take a tiny brush and touch up any areas that the paint may have peeled

8. Hang that bad boy!!

I would love to see all of your masterpieces!!


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