Couch to 5k & Sumits Hot Yoga



So I may have mentioned before how much I envy the people who can just “go for a run.” I always try to fake it–like I can be “that person,” but really- when it comes down to it, running is pretty much like torture to me. Indoors on a treadmill, it is horribly boring- so usually even if I physically -can- run more, I won’t… And then outside- something about the air makes me want to cough up blood before I even have a chance to sweat.

So I was chatting with my cousin about it, and she said that she did the “couch to 5k” program, and now she is able to actually enjoy running. So I have been wanting to start it up for awhile now, but I have built such a comfort zone with the elliptical/stationary bike (because I like to read…) that I couldn’t make myself commit to anything on the treadmill other than sprints. So I found this awesome, free app for my iphone called C25K. It tells you when to run and when to walk. You can even listen to music and it will interrupt your music to let you know when to switch it up. Try it out!


Another new thing that I tried yesterday— HOT YOGA! I was really scared because I have “heat/space clausterphobic” issues–and when I first got in there, the guy whos mat was 10 inches away from mine already had a wonder B.O. aroma that I knew as the class went on, would not be improving. But I decided to focus on me, my body, and my breathing. I made it through the class, needing to take some breaks to “not pass out” but I think I did pretty good, I will definitely be trying it again.

Here is Frannie and I in all our sweaty glory!


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