Cheap find: Rimmel Extra Wow Lash


So some of you know, I used to be a make up artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics- therefore, working at a counter surrounded by tons of competitors’ beauty products lead me to test the *latest & greatest*! Long story short, I know my shit when it comes to cosmetics….

Most of the products I wear are MAC (color at least) still love Bobbi for skin- but when it comes to mascara, give it to me CHEAP! Even the magnificent Bobbi Brown herself says that if you are going to splurge, let mascara be the one thing that you can pick up from a drugstore— since you should be changing out your mascara every 3-5 weeks to avoid bacterial infections…

So- I found a favorite mascara awhile back- it is by Maybelline, called: Define a Lash Volume (it is pink, not the green one) but the fools discontinued the pink one!! So since then, I have been using a various selection of Loreal (rumored to be the same mascara as the world-famous Lancôme) which I am happy with- but if you don’t get it on sale/or b1g1 free- it can run a little spendier.

So, in need of new mascara and being the cheap-ass that I need to be, I decided to take a chance on a Rimmel mascara that was $3.50….and ladies, it rocks. I like a LOT of mascara, and the brush gives me the flexibility I need to have a thick-yet-controlled lash and the formula doesn’t end up under my eyes during the day! Woohoo!


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