Vegas and Soul Searching

I an currently in Las Vegas for the WPPI photography conference…I know, it sounds like a really weird place to soul search, who knew that “road sodas” to Circus Circus would result to a whole new reflection on my life?

I received an email while I was here from a client who is going through something really awful. She was expecting a new addition, I was one of the first to know, and she lost the baby. I know that this is something that happens a lot during the first couple months of pregnancy, but it hit me in a way that is hard to explain. The thought of feeling like something is going to be a certain way, and then it isn’t. Making plans that aren’t for you. I want to hold her in my arms and sob because I couldn’t imagine breaking those plans myself. “Dear Nichole, we actually are not in need of your services at this time, because I lost the baby.” Heartache.

When it comes down to it, things aren’t always the way we plan them, the people you love may not always be there, life might not always “be” as you know it. It makes me realize why what I do is so important because I get to document life “as we know it” and that is pretty incredible…because it might be the last document we have, knowing that type of life.


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