Tissue Paper Poppy Tutorial // Easy!


I am getting ready for a “spring themed” styled engagement shoot- and I wanted some big yellow flowers to go with the shoot….although this is really the last thing I have time for. I came up with a way to make them SUPER fast and super simple.

So- what you need:
-colored tissue paper sheets (for petals)
-green crepe paper sheets (for stem and leaves)
-18 gauge (or thicker) stem wire
-Kraft paper, or another color paper for flower centers
-white glue
-colored duck tape

If you know you are going to be making a lot of flowers, it is best to cut everything out first and then do more of a mass production, but just for the sake of making one:

1. Cut out your petals from the colored tissue paper. Since tissue is so thin, you should be able to cut a whole flowers worth of petals at once. Every 2 petals should butt up against a fold (so they are attached) cut 8 petals (4 sets of 2 petals) for every one flower.

2. Cut your flower centers from your kraft paper from a 3×4″ piece folded “hotdog style”—cut slits in the unfolded side

3. Bend the end of your wire into a loop and then wrap the Kraft paper you just cut (fringe side up) and then secure with duck tape.

4. Poke the end of the wire into the centers of your double petal seams. Arrange around the Kraft centers (alternate like natural flower petals) and once you have all 8 petals in place, crinkle gently downward with the palm of your hand and secure with the duck tape.

5. Take a strip of crepe paper the length of your flower stem and about 1.5″ wide and twist around the wire. Use a dot of glue here and there to secure around base of flower and down the length of the stem.

6. Cut leaves from the crepe paper and lightly glue on the stem (according to personal taste) let glue dry completely.

7. Open the flower (I like to have some closed, but again- personal taste) and fluff the Kraft centers. Don’t over do the petal manipulation- it will make the tissue go limp!

Voila! Flowers that won’t die- quick & easy!


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