The world needs more love letters…

Around 2 weeks ago, I got to attend my very first WPPI Photo conference in Las Vegas. I got to listen to some AMAZING speakers that inspired me to not only make positive changes to my business, but also reminded me how I should also be making positive changes to myself. A few years ago, Frannie and I went to Seattle for an intensive workshop with a husband & wife photography team: Justin & Mary Marantz. They are not only amazing photographers- but amazing business owners, and AMAZING people! When you leave one of their workshops/talks- you not only have a tear-stained face, but you want to be good to the people in your life, and you want to make a difference in the world. Their workshop completely TRANSFORMED our business. Mary is such an outstanding speaker- please take advantage of any opportunity you have to listen to her!

Their blog is so follow-worthy for her writing alone (not to mention the amazing photography they are pumping out!) you dont have to be a photog to love it….seriously.

Okay, I am done preaching about them! Well, I found out that they were speaking in Vegas, and OF COURSE Frannie and I jumped at the chance of listening to them again, and I am so glad that we did- because we were introduced to this:

I choke up every time I watch it!! AGHH! It is absolutely an amazing *little* thing that has turned into something HUGE.

Although I haven’t really figured out what my difference is just yet, I am trying to be a good wife, friend, and person in the process.

So, what will you do to make a difference in the world (tiny or big), what are you leaving behind?


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