Running in the rain

If any of you are anything like me, when you get busy- you start neglecting yourself and get lazy about your health. As we are gearing up for this upcoming wedding season in my photography business, it is so easy to turn that: “wake up early to workout” into “I need coffee first” into “maybe I should just get a headstart on the workday.” So unfortunately, working out for me has been put on the back burner.

As it is getting nicer here in the Boise area, I have really wanted to spend more time outdoors. So I have wanted to start moving my workouts from the gym to the road! Can’t wait to start to do more hiking and build up my running endurance!

So today, Saturday, no excuses- getting outside and going for a little run/walk…and it starts to rain. No excuses!! Although I didn’t last as long as I wanted, I got a short, rainy, sweaty workout in for the day.

Now for tomorrow….



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